Orphans are 50% more likely to drop out of school– study

He is just one of the several orphans in Uganda and sub-Saharan Africa, who struggles to look after their siblings and themselves. A few lucky few, study to the tertiary level, but a number of them ... read more

Taking care of the orphans

Comparative genomics, bioinformatics, and biochemical assays enable the pairing of endogenous peptides with orphan GPCRs. Although there is increasing evidence of the clinical importance of GPCRs that ... read more

Female Teacher Beaten Up By Children in Rae Bareli After She Called Them ‘Orphans’

She managed to escape from the room and the manager, who reached the classroom, told reporters that the children became agitated because she called them “orphans” and would often scold them. Dubey, ... read more

Utah woman sews more than 5,000 dresses for orphans, sex trafficking victims in third world countries

“Way beyond a donation, it’s a life-changing experience for those girls,” Nielsen said. The girls are all orphans, many of whom were victims of sex trafficking. “The clothes that they have been ... read more

Be kinder to mums and wives, says mother of 1,400 orphans

Known as the 'Mother of Orphans', Sindhutai Sapkal is the proud recipient of India's highest civilian award dedicated for women. A 70-year-old Indian social worker, who has raised some 1,400 orphans, ... read more

Beloved Indian YouTuber Grandpa Kitchen dies. Millions watched him make epic meals for orphans

He was 73. In just two years, Reddy built an audience of more than 6 million subscribers on YouTube, where he uploaded videos of himself and his grandchildren cooking vast meals, which -- along with ... read more

Coldplay Debuts New Song ‘Everyday Life’ On ‘SNL’ & Throws Stage Party With ‘Orphans’

The group performed their new “Orphans” up first and looked like they were having a blast doing so! Joined by a group of dancers who jumped up and down with the catchy “woo woo, woo woo oo-oo-oo” part ... read more

Coldplay debut new songs “Orphans” and “Everyday Life” on SNL: Watch

The post Coldplay debut new songs “Orphans” and “Everyday Life” on SNL: Watch appeared first on Consequence of Sound. Coldplay made their way to Rockefeller Center on Saturday for their first live ... read more

Honduran orphans with HIV are R.I. nun's calling

I heard of a woman who helped raise scores of orphans with HIV in the murder capital of the world, so I drove to East Providence to meet her. Her name is Eva Lallo, a Sister of Mercy, now 82. She grew ... read more

Netflix Adds Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans

Thankfully, Netflix is now offering a good option to get your bearings with the franchise so to speak with Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans. As one of the more fan-favorite releases of the ... read more

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